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I thought you might like to know how your company treats your customers. They tell them what they want to hear but do not follow through on what they say.

It is obvious to me that does not care about their customers, and only says what they want to hear so they can get them off the phone but does not have any intention of doing what they say.

I purchased an item from the website-when it arrived it was not the same as the picture and they will not take it back even though they said they would issue a return order. after 10 phone calls and as many emails and 5 weeks- the return order still has not arrived

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For my 30th Birthday all I really wanted was a Kate Spade wallet, so my mum bought me the one I wanted. Because I live in London and we have no Kate Spade shop here, the wallet was ordered online and sent to my brother-in-law in Boston, MA.

He sent it to me in London and my husband hid it from me until my actual Birthday. On the day, I was so excited to open the lovely Kate Spade box only to discover that Kate Spade had sent me the wrong wallet! It did not even resemble the wallet that had been ordered and it was obvious that the wrong wallet had been packaged and sent from Kate Spade Online. I was so disappointed and my husband immediately called Kate Spade customer service where he explained the problem to several different people and they promised to get back to us with a solution.

They never did. So he called a few days later again. Still no solution but yet another promise to get back to us again. Once again, no reply from them and no solution to a problem which was clearly their mistake.

After 10 days of the wrong wallet sitting in the Kate Spade box my husband called again to ask what could be done, and this time he was told that we should be happy that they would even take back the wallet after this much time had passed and that we could send it back for a refund.

Here is the problem though, we paid $50 to have the wallet shipped from Boston to London, something we were happy to do as I really wanted this wallet and it was a present from my mum to me. However, it would cost us another $50 to return the wallet which means that we would have paid $100 for something we did not even order!! Kate Spade could not see the problem with this and kept likening it to if there was a scuff on the wallet or if I had changed my mind, etc.

But this was SO not the case: THEY sent the wrong wallet! And I just wanted the wallet that had actually been ordered! Kate Spade refused to budge on the issue and I have never experienced such bad customer service! I will never shop with Kate Spade again and I am now stuck with a wallet that I don't like and which I cannot even sell on eBay because the zipper does not seem to be working right!

But I may be out $50 from this experience but no way am I losing $50 more on dealing with such an incompetent company. The things may be pretty, but be aware that you may end up paying for the wrong item or for nothing at all!

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