I was shopping at the Kate Spade Store at Clinton Crossing in Clinton, CT on 10/25/13. I was looking at the handbags and trying them when I took a step back and to my surprise the outstretched arm of a mannequin stabbed me in the neck at the base of my head. The mannequin has one arm held straight out from it's body for no real purpose. I feel this is a dangerous set up and the marketing team and management and responsible parties in this company should reevaluate the space and how it is decorated. I still have a headache as this happened about 3 hours ago. I have already contacted the store.

Unhappy customer,

BJP 10/25/13

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namaste bro

Deridder, Louisiana, United States #764780

Looking for a lawsuit? This was completely YOUR fault. Seriously,please tell me this is a joke.....


Have you heard of looking where you are going?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #733458

Are you freaking serious? this has to be a joke....please tell me you are kidding.....the reason you are anonymous is because you are ashamed...and you should be....here is a new one mannequin shock syndrome.......whinner put your head in a bucket and see if you hear and echo

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